Communication: articles for 20.06.2019

20.06.2019, 23:16
In the Night Contact group there will take place The Main Final online party. Graduates together with actors will gather on the social network platform to celebrate leaving school in real time.
20.06.2019, 23:08
By data VCIOM, the course of a discussion was watched by 75% of residents of the country. Most often people called or sent SMS.
20.06.2019, 22:59
The alliance reports that it is connected with conducting there at once several large military exercises. They will be conducted in territories of such countries as Poland and Lithuania and also in the Baltic Sea.
20.06.2019, 22:50
The EU summit made the political decision on extension for half a year of economic sanctions against Russia as does not see progress in implementation of the Minsk Agreement across Donbass, the representative of the European Council, the supreme governing body of the EU reported on Thursday.
20.06.2019, 21:48
The American leaders with assistance of allies wage full-scale information war against Russia. The main idea of Washington consists in confrontation of systems of values of the Russian Federation and the West, the Deputy Minister of Defence Andrey Kartapolov said.
20.06.2019, 21:24
The delegation of deputies of the Russian State Duma which took part in Tbilisi in the session of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (IPAO) which opened on Thursday leaves Tbilisi before completion of an action after a series of incidents.
20.06.2019, 20:39
Hope Hicks, the former director of public relations of the White House, refused to give evidences about the activity in government institutions.
20.06.2019, 20:13
The Wall Street collapsed the newest technology of blockbusters which shares in the application for exchange of messages of Slack began to be traded.
20.06.2019, 18:54
On Thursday (on June 20) Rosstat published materials according to which unemployment rate in Russia decreased to 4.5%. 3.4 million people are more senior than 15 years are not employed.
20.06.2019, 18:05
Scientists from National laboratory of strong magnetic fields (USA) managed to create the 45.5 Tesla magnet it is powerful in 390 grams. This tiny coil has the most powerful magnetic field.

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