Communication: articles for 26.06.2019

Roskomnadzor Threatens to Impose a Penalty on Google
26.06.2019, 22:26
Roskomnadzor is ready to start the procedure of imposing of a penalty on Google, the head of service Alexander Zharov reported.
The Russian Military Experts Left Venezuela
26.06.2019, 21:50
The Russian military experts giving to Venezuela technical support on service of special equipment leave the country on June 26. Said it in the press service of Embassy of Russia in Caracas.
Development of New Military Centurion Equipment is Announced
26.06.2019, 21:40
The deputy director of JSC Radioavionika Oleg Barashkov reported RT about completion of developmental works on creation of a complex of investigation, management and communication (KRUS) "Sagittarius" of new generation.
The USA Predicted the Record Growth of a National Debt
26.06.2019, 20:13
OREANDA-NEWS. To national debt of the USA predicted new records. By 2049 it can reach 144% of GDP of the country. Every second the debt of America increases approximately by $2 million. More than $50 thousand obligations of the country on average are the share of one U.S. citizen.
In the Village Luhansk Withdrawal of Troops Began
26.06.2019, 19:09
The Ukrainian military have begun to take away divisions from one of positions before Luhansk Village check-point.
Russia Accused Plakhotnyuk of Drug Trafficking
26.06.2019, 18:42
Charges of establishing a criminal organization, smuggling and sale of drugs are in absentia brought to the former chairman of Democratic Party of Moldova Vladimir Plakhotnyuk of Russia, the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk reported.
FSB Prevented Terrorist Attack in Saratov
26.06.2019, 18:01
The terrorist planning terrorist attack in Saratov was killed during detention. About it RC Saratov was told in the press service of regional UFSB.
The Kremlin Told Details of a Meeting of Putin and Trump in Osaka
26.06.2019, 17:02
The Kremlin told about what subjects it would be desirable to bring up during the meeting of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin with the U.S. President Donald Trump during the meeting in Osaka on a G20 summit.
On Krymsky Bridge Record Speeding is Registered
26.06.2019, 16:43
So far traffic police officers have recorded the maximum speed of traffic on the Crimean bridge — 243 km/h.
Reuters Found Out That China Has Stolen Data from the World's Largest IT Companies
26.06.2019, 15:49
Among the victims of attackers - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Fujitsu, NTT Data and others

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