OREANDA-NEWS. January 31, 2018.Shaw Communications Inc. (TSX:SJR.B) (TSX:SJR.PR.A) (TSX:SJR.PR.B) (NYSE:SJR) (TSXV:SJR.A) today announced an enterprise-wide initiative designed to reinvent its operating model to better meet the changing tastes and expectations of consumers and businesses.

“Customers want their services from Shaw to be just like everything else in their life – delivered quickly, reliably, and on their terms,” said Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications. “But as good as our customer service and operations are today, we see that we have to make some significant changes to serve customers the way they expect to be served in 2018 and beyond.”

The multi-year initiative is designed to make Shaw a company that can execute quicker, function more efficiently, and connect Canadians to the world around them better than ever before. This program will seek to refocus Shaw’s operations towards providing service more easily through highly capable online and smartphone apps and more self-installed services.

The changes will result in a review and reimagining of every aspect of Shaw’s operations and roles, and fewer internal processes. “We know our future success will require us to become a leaner, more integrated, and more agile workforce, which will result in many internal changes taking place as we move towards becoming a digital-by-default organization,” Mr. Mehr said.

Work has already begun to support the internal changes, and details will be disclosed as progress is made. 


As a first step in its change initiative, Shaw is implementing a Voluntary Departure Program from January 31 to February 14, 2018, to give selected employees the opportunity to think critically about their future with the company, and make realistic decisions about their role in Shaw’s evolution

Under the Voluntary Departure Program, approximately 6,500 Shaw and Freedom Mobile employees have been offered a generous voluntary departure package, with approximately ten per cent expected to accept the package. Details of the Voluntary Departure Package are not being disclosed.
“This is a program that is intended to reduce our workforce while not penalizing employees for our operational transformation. As we reinvent our customer delivery model to be more digital, online, or e-care, we’re very pleased to offer generous packages to our team members throughout the organization who have built this company,” Mr. Mehr said.

About Shaw
Shaw is an enhanced connectivity provider. Our Consumer division serves consumers with broadband Internet, Shaw Go WiFi, video and digital phone. Our Wireless division provides wireless voice and data services through an expanding and improving mobile wireless network infrastructure. The Business Network Services division provides business customers with Internet, data, WiFi, telephony and video.