OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, will launch Wi-Fi Calling into commercial use. Moscow subscribers may now make and take calls as well as send SMS at home tariffs wherever they stay.

The Wi-Fi Calling technology allows using mobile services over active Wi-Fi connection: in the underground, on board of the plane, on upper floors of high buildings and in the basement where mobile network coverage might be unavailable.

Having set up a Wi-Fi Calling application, the operator’s clients may call to any phone numbers, 8-800 numbers and city numbers as well as text and accept SMS. The recipient of calls and messages does not need to have any special application installed. No subscriber fee is incurred for the use of the service. All Wi-Fi calls are charged at rates of a domestic region even during the subscriber’s stay in international roaming.

Wi-Fi Calling is compatible with iOS (7 and later versions) and Android-operated (4.0 and later versions) smartphones. The application will soon appear in App Store and Google Play. The application is already available for download by Tele2 subscribers in Moscow Region.

Andrey Patoka, Deputy CEO for Product, Marketing and Cooperation with Federal Clients:

“Any user may find himself in an indoor location where it’s hard for a cellular signal to reach. Tele2 subscribers have a reliable state-of-the-art solution − Wi-Fi Calling. The smartphone gets connected to Wi-Fi and later transmits voice and SMS onto a special equipment that redirects them to the Tele2 network. Tele2 subscribers will be the first to appreciate a new technology in Moscow Region. Thanks to the service, our clients will make calls and send SMS at home rates even during the subscriber’s stay in international roaming.”