OREANDA-NEWS. An 18-year-old student from the Kiev region jokingly called for a ban on citizens to communicate in Ukrainian and called herself Russian, which caused a scandal on social networks and Ukrainian media. Details of the incident are given by UNIAN.

As the newspaper notes, on the eve, on June 14, a video appeared on the girl's Instagram, where she assures subscribers of her Russian origin, unwillingness to use the Ukrainian language in everyday speech and ironically calls for it to be banned. “Doesn't my surname mean anything to you? About nothing? Kaleganova. This is a Russian surname, do you understand? I am Russian. God is with me! " - said the student.

In response to criticism, she stressed that "nationalism will not make anyone better", and those who think otherwise, "will remain unhappy people." The very next day, hundreds of threatening messages, including rape and murder, began to arrive in her profile.

Later, the girl recorded a new video message with an apology to the citizens who “drown for the Ukrainian language without nationalism, fanaticism”. At the same time, she stressed that she was not going to make excuses for her words “in front of people inadequate,” who began to spread her personal data after the scandal and threaten her parents.

The student wrote: “I will not apologize to these people. Finally, we have freedom of speech in our country. In any case, I remain with the thought that the Ukrainian language does not appeal to me, I will speak Russian. For this, no one has the right to humiliate or threaten me. "