OREANDA-NEWS. In the United States, all the tweets previously published by the 45th American President Donald Trump can be made publicly available.

Even previously deleted messages will be published, the US National Archives and Records Administration told Fox News. Archive staff noted that they want to keep copies of records in social networks of all representatives of the American administrations, including the one led by Trump.

At the same time, Twitter intends to interact with the US National Archives and Documentation Administration, but the social network does not plan to publish the records of the ex-US President.

Trump's Twitter account was reportedly blocked in the last weeks of his presidency. In addition, Trump was deprived of the opportunity to post on Facebook and Instagram after his supporters tried to prevent the approval of the results of the presidential election in Congress, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden on January 6.

Earlier it was reported that Donald Trump created a website to communicate with his supporters. The front page says the platform should preserve the legacy of the former president's administration and promote America First. TV channel "Russia 24" told about it.