OREANDA-NEWS. May 25, 2016. LG took to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February to announce its new G5 smartphone, and although its processing speeds and battery life aren't good enough to knock the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge off their respective pedestals, we can't deny the convenience of its modular design.

Similar to the way homebrew users customize PCs builds, the LG G5 gives customers the ability to swap out parts and upgrade components just by popping the battery out of the bottom and installing a new module.

LG just announced that the four major companion accessories for the G5 are available now at participating retail locations, US carrier stores, and the LG online store. The offerings include:

LG Cam Plus

The Cam Plus is essentially a camera grip, which physically gives you a better handle on the phone when you take pictures. It has a toggle switch to launch the camera, a digital-zoom dial, a physical shutter button, and a video recording button. In spirit, it's much like the Incipio Focal camera case or the Snappgrip for the Apple iPhone.

Available: Now (all carriers); in stores and online for \\$69.99

LG 360 Cam