OREANDA-NEWS.  Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) today announced that Rovi has formed a strategic alliance with leading Brazilian metadata provider, Revista Eletronica, to offer an advanced metadata solution targeted at pay-TV and entertainment content providers. Revista Eletronica is an in-market provider that has delivered high-quality local TV listings to the Brazilian pay-TV market for more than 20 years. When combined with Rovi’s expansive global entertainment database, comprised of metadata for a broad array of international content and local TV programming for more than 70 countries worldwide, the collaboration results in an expanded set of market-leading Brazilian metadata products. Together, Rovi and Revista Eletronica deliver unparalleled metadata quality for entertainment applications and devices.

Rovi Video, the leading global database for international TV, movie and celebrity metadata, will be further strengthened with Revista Eletronica’s comprehensive television coverage, local knowledge and customer relationships in Brazil. The combined product and services provide broad, descriptive entertainment metadata to help Rovi consumers worldwide discover, manage and enjoy digital content across multiple platforms.

“Collaborating with Rovi further expands our metadata offering to reach new market segments, including over-the-top (OTT) content, web portals and e-commerce in Brazil,” said Carlos Lorenz, founding partner and director of IT, Revista Eletronica. “With more than two decades of experience working with leading Brazilian service providers and networks, we are collaborating with Rovi to address our customers’ needs and empower them to deliver next-generation discovery experiences that drive revenue, usage and consumer satisfaction.”

Revista Eletronica has produced database solutions for electronic programming guides for the pay-TV market since 1994. More than 85 percent of Brazilian operators use Revista Eletronica’s high-quality information of local TV program schedules.

“Our exclusive arrangement with Revista Eletronica further enhances Rovi’s position in creating and implementing entertainment metadata to deliver innovative, engaging content discovery experiences to viewers around the globe,” said Kathy Weidman, senior vice president and general manager, metadata, Rovi. “We are excited about the opportunity to strengthen our Brazilian product offering to our worldwide customers.”

Rovi Metadata provides the foundation for intuitive search and navigation across the entire entertainment ecosystem, enabling users to easily find their favorite TV shows, movies, music, celebrities, books, and games, as well as discover new ones. Rovi Knowledge Graph, the entertainment industry’s most robust source of dynamic, searchable metadata, maintains real-time updated semantic information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities including program titles, celebrity names, locations and descriptors like genre, sub-genre and theme, all of which is influenced by trending social media topics.

About Revista Eletronica

Revista Eletronica’s database solutions for electronic programming guides have been used by the Brazilian pay-TV market for more than 20 years. More than 85 percent of Brazilian national operators use the information processed by Revista Eletronica to update electronic programming guides, corporate websites, programming magazines and other media and services of interest.

About Rovi Corporation

Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) is creating personalized and data-driven ways for viewers to discover the right entertainment and for providers to discover the right audiences. Chosen by top brands in entertainment content, services and devices, Rovi touches the lives of hundreds of millions of consumers by providing comprehensive solutions, customizable products and technology licensing to make discovery simple, seamless and personal. With more than 5,000 issued or pending patents worldwide, Rovi is advancing entertainment and audience discovery.