OREANDA-NEWS. China has created the world's largest 5G network. The establishment was officially announced by Liu Lihong, Deputy Minister of Industry and Informatization of China. According to him, the number of 5G base stations installed by China is 700 thousand units. This is approximately 70% of their total worldwide.

Currently, more than 180 million gadgets are connected to the 5G network in China. The deputy minister also noted that amid a pandemic in China, there is an overall increase in traffic consumption, the volume of which is compared to the level of the end of 2019. Traffic this year has increased by an average of 50%. In some parts of the country, this figure jumped by 60-70%.

The leading mobile operators of the Celestial Empire began to provide the citizens of the country with 5th generation communication services since the end of October 2019. The leading position in the country in terms of the number of base stations and the number of 5G specialists working in the field is, of course, the metropolis of Shanghai. This huge city is home to the main 5G R&D facilities of many Chinese companies, including the telecommunications giant Huawei. He has a center for the development of chips and smartphones operating on the 5-G communication standard in Shanghai.

As for Russia, it is planned to launch a new generation of communications in it only in four years. By 2024, 5G in Russia will be available in ten cities with a population of one million. Two national projects in key sectors of the economy will operate on the basis of such networks. And the country as a whole should take eighth place in international rankings in terms of 5G development.