OREANDA-NEWS. According to experts interviewed by the journalist RIA Novosti, the messengers WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are relatively safe, all three applications use end-to-end encryption and the content of the correspondence remains confidential, but some of these messengers collect user data that can be transferred to third parties.

WhatsApp has previously updated the user agreement to include a clause on the transfer of personal data to Facebook. After this update, the administration of the Turkish President has already refused to use it. Sensor Tower later released data showing that the number of users of the other two messengers, Signal and Telegram, increased sharply after the update in WhatsApp.

According to the developers of all three instant messengers, they do not get access to user correspondence, since end-to-end encryption is used everywhere, that is, the transmitted information should be inaccessible to third parties. However, according to experts, one should not exclude the possibility of handover of keys to third parties authorized by the manufacturer.

Signal has an advantage in the form of open code, where anyone can check it for backdoors - algorithm defects that allow unauthorized access to user data, that is, Signal collects a minimum of information about users, which cannot be said for Telegram and even more so for WhatsApp.

Alexander Tyurnikov, head of the development department at Cross Technologies, explains that if we talk about security, then Signal will be preferable. Telegram is a little less secure simply because it can access some additional information. WhatsApp in this case is the most questionable messenger from a security point of view.