OREANDA-NEWS. Avast experts identified six ways that you can achieve privacy on the Internet, how to reduce the risk of identity theft and improve your own security.

Avast Privacy Director Shane McNamy noted that Facebook and Google use sophisticated systems to set up ads that are based on collecting personal user data. According to him, these methods will significantly reduce the amount of information transmitted to corporations.

First of all, experts advise users to remove from the profile all information that can affect the selection of ads, and disable tracking functions outside of social networks.

Experts also recommend disabling geolocation on a smartphone and not logging into an account on those sites where registration is not required to access content. According to experts, users should turn off the permissions to access various information on the smartphone, which they gave to applications and mobile games.

In addition, Avast urged not to click on advertisements. Experts are sure that it is better to search for information about the products you like in a browser. In conclusion, to protect privacy, they recommended creating a separate email, so as not to tie all actions to the main one.