OREANDA-NEWSElon Musk posted two posts on Twitter and said that he did this using the Starlink global Internet system he created. “Sending this tweet through space via Starlink satellite”, Musk wrote.

According to Mask, Starlink in the future will have to provide the Internet even to inaccessible areas of the planet with the help of several tens of thousands of satellites. So far, with the help of the SpaceX rocket, only 60 of them have been launched, not all of them have entered orbit, and communication with three of them has been completely lost. Musk himself assured that for a minimum coverage of satellites should be at least 360.

Musk assures that Starlink will significantly reduce the cost of Internet access. The project itself is becoming more expensive. In May 2018, it was estimated at $ 10 billion, but then it was supposed to launch 12 thousand satellites. Now we are talking about plans to send 42 thousand satellites into orbit, reports Business Insider.

Starlink's competitor is the British OneWeb project. Its objective is also to provide access to high-speed Internet all over the planet. However, OneWeb believes that only 900 satellites need to be launched to complete this task.