OREANDA-NEWS  The personal data of more than half a billion Facebook users from 106 countries leaked to the network. This information is reported by the Business Insider agency.

According to the publication, the names, locations, dates of birth, phone numbers and other information of 533 million people have appeared on the hacker forum, including almost ten million users from Russia.

Also, the data of 32 million users from the United States and more than 28 million users from Saudi Arabia were freely available on the Internet. According to Elon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, cybercriminals can exploit data breaches.

In January, Gal reported that 533 million Facebook users were selling phone numbers on Telegram. According to him, now they decided to post the same data for free.

Earlier in March, data from 21 million users of free VPN services leaked online, with an announcement of the sale appearing on shady forums. We are talking about GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN applications for the Android operating system, which are popular in Russia as well. The database contains email addresses, passwords and usernames of users, including Russian ones, as well as data on their mobile devices and payments.