OREANDA-NEWS“This year we plan to start a large project to build a new highway from the European borders of Russia to Vladivostok and further to Hong Kong, the main Asian traffic exchange point. Demand is very large, ”Mikhail Oseevsky, president of Rostelecom, said in an interview with Russian media.

The company plans to complete the construction of the line in three years. Rostelecom has already found partners in China and other countries for the implementation of the project, but does not name them. The size of the investment and other details are also not disclosed. According to Sergey Shavkunov, Executive Director of J’son & Partners Consulting, the cost of building a redundant transit network (two geographically separated cables) from the western borders to Vladivostok could amount to $ 600-700 million.

In addition to the fiber optic highway connecting China to Europe through Russia, Rostelecom owns a line connecting Frankfurt with the capital of the Sultanate of Oman - the city of Muscat - through Eastern Europe, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and the Persian Gulf; two submarine cables connecting Nakhodka and the Japanese city of Naoetsu, cable Novorossiysk - Poti in the Black Sea.