OREANDA-NEWS. The Gazprom-Media holding will present a video platform with a vertical content format, in which the popular worldwide social network TikTok operates, in late November - early December, said the head of the Gazprom-Media holding Alexander Zharov at the National Advertising Forum.

“In late autumn, we will introduce a new platform with short videos and vertical content format - one of the trends of today is the verticalization of content consumption. 87% of smartphone users consume content vertically. We will have such a platform in late November - early December. I think , it will be interesting for everyone, "Zharov said.

He previously reported that, in addition to working on the launch of a vertical content platform, the holding is working on an audio platform.

According to him, the service, called "I am Molodets", was developed with the support of the Innopraktika Foundation, which is headed by Katerina Tikhonova. Earlier, the structures of the holding acquired exclusive rights to the application and non-exclusive rights to software with the right to modify and process.

According to the publisher of "N + 1" Andrey Konyaev, "Gazprom-Media" wants to develop an analogue of TikTok, but the past attempt to do something victorious together with Rutube did not lead to anything. In an interview with Kommersant, he noted that TikTok has become popular, already having millions of users.