OREANDA-NEWS. Attempts by the General Directorate of the General Staff to influence Facebook users in the USA did not lead to success. This conclusion was reached by experts at the Stanford University Internet Observatory, having analyzed the data provided by the leadership of the social network at the request of the US Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI). The study didn't indicate on what basis the leadership of the social network considered these accounts controlled by the Russian special services.

“Like an operation on social networks, the disinformation campaign system seems to a large extent a failure, or perhaps an indecisive attempt to use new methods”. Experts note that, unlike the Internet Research Agency (liquidated at the end of 2016, earlier Russian media sources called it one of the legal entities of the “media factory”), the Russian secret service cared little for the virality of the information posted on Facebook, and therefore published on accounts controlled by it, the records remained almost unnoticed.

According to experts, a total of 1576 entries and 5543 reposts were made on the accounts considered during the study, but the response to them was minimal - a total of 4830 likes, 3432 reposts and 902 comments.