OREANDA-NEWS. According to the Downdetector website, which tracks the work of Internet resources, WhatsApp, Telegram and YouTube users around the world complain about the work of these services.

The WhatsApp messenger crashed in Latin America and Europe. Especially often users from Germany, Spain, Italy and France complain about problems with it. In Russia, most complaints were recorded from users from Moscow. 96% report problems connecting to the server.

As for the Telegram messenger, users from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine cannot enter it. 87% of complaints reported connectivity issues. Another 12% cannot send a message.

Just two days after YouTube's massive disruption, users around the world are facing new challenges. Today, December 16, the failure was recorded in different parts of the world - in Russia, the USA and Japan. 64% of users who have encountered problems with the service cannot watch the video, 32% cannot open the site, and three percent cannot enter their profile.

This is not the first time this issue has happened this week. Two days ago, on Monday, December 14, users from many countries experienced problems using YouTube. On the same day, Google and Gmail crashed.