OREANDA-NEWS  Modern smartphones can determine the age of the owner or the calorie content of food from a photo. To do this, it is enough to upload a picture to certain applications, which are often built into the gadget. The head of the quality management and certification department of RTU MIREA Maxim Nazarenko explained such abilities of technology in an interview with the Prime agency.

The expert noted that the accuracy of a smartphone in such calculations is not very high. Nazarenko explains that a middle-aged person, for example, in the range from 35 to 55 years old, can change his face with simple manipulations so that as an answer he gets an age 5-10 years less than the real one.

Nazarenko explains that there are other ways to calculate the age of the owner. So, the smartphone reads the methods of controlling the device: how the user acts in a given situation, what applications and how often he uses, and so on. Despite the fact that such studies are carried out in many countries, it has not yet been possible to identify common criteria, since the habits of different people are very different.

For example, the expert noted, older people often stop when someone calls them, while young people keep moving. In addition, the younger generation is used to typing messages with two fingers.