OREANDA-NEWS Russia will create a wireless network for socially important objects and special consumers. This is stated in the passport of the national program "Digital economy", which the government approved as a whole on September 17.

Paragraph 1.28 of the project " Information infrastructure "reads:" a wireless network has been Created for socially important objects and special consumers (LTE network-450) " (all the points in the document are described in the past time and in perfect form as already completed).

Implementation period-December 31, 2024, responsible-Deputy Minister of Digital Development Oleg Ivanov.

According to the materials of the Department of digital technologies of Moscow, a feature of the LTE network is the ability to manage priorities for different groups of users. "Subscriber devices in this range can both work in the radio mode (push-to-talk), and transmit video. The network is characterized by high speeds and low data transmission delays," the newspaper writes.

Frequencies in the 450 MHz range belong to Tele2, which switched to it with the purchase of Skylink.

In March 2018, Tele2 reported a significant increase in revenue from the sale of services based on the LTE-450 standard. "Tele2 provides high-speed Internet services in the frequency range of 450 MHz under the Skylink brand. From January to December 2017, revenue from the sale of LTE-450-based services increased eight-fold, mainly due to corporate clients and projects for government customers. The share of B2B customers among LTE-450 service users reached 35%," the company's press release said.

"Sales of specialized equipment for operation in the frequency range of 450 MHz increased six times by the end of 2017," the company explained.

As the representative of Tele2 Olga Galushina told, the operator plans to participate in the project and is already discussing issues with relevant departments. She also confirmed to the publication the preliminary assessment of the project made in one of the departments - about 73.4 billion rubles