OREANDA-NEWS. American users complain about failures in the social network TikTok, follows from data from the Downdetector site, which records failures of the largest applications and sites.

Most complaints come from residents of New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston and Los Angeles. 51% had problems with the application, 29% had problems displaying the feed, and another 21% had no connection to the server.

One user stated that her account was deactivated for no reason.

Earlier it was reported that a 16-year-old American woman kidnapped by a pedophile managed to escape by showing the “I need help” gesture through the car window, which she saw on the TikTok social network. The Laurel County Sheriff, Kentucky, received a call from the driver, to whom the girl showed her hand and then pinched her thumb - an international gesture for victims of domestic violence, which means that a person needs help.

Law enforcement officers tracked down the car in which the girl was and released her. It turned out that the girl was forcibly held by 61-year-old James Brick. He was taking her from Cherokee County, North Carolina, to Ohio to visit relatives.