OREANDA-NEWS. WhatsApp is announced a raft of new features on July 1, including animated stickers, the ability to use QR codes and one tap calls for large groups (up to eight people). The new features will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, says the Facebook-owned app.

Currently, users can download a single set of animated stickers called Playful Piyomaru from the WhatsApp Store. But soon there will be other sets of stickers in the store.

Users will be able to forward the animated stickers to each other. The ability to save, download and import them from other sources will be available later. There is another limitation: as long as the stickers do not support looped animation, it can only be played once upon receipt.

QR codes is potentially the most interesting: though QR codes in WhatsApp will be familiar to you if you use the web app or apps on Windows, Mac or a platform like Facebook Portal. Now though, you'll be able to use a QR code to add someone new to your contacts. You'll be able to scan their code to add them onto your phone.

Earlier it was announced that the specialists of the popular WhatsApp messenger are testing a new feature. Soon WhatsApp can be used both from a smartphone and a tablet. Users have been waiting for this feature since 2009.