Fuel and energy: articles for 19.04.2017

19.04.2017, 18:03
ExxonMobil Chemical Company and SABIC each announced the selection of a site in San Patricio County, Texas for potential development of a jointly owned petrochemical complex on the U.S. Gulf Coast.
19.04.2017, 16:49
On 17 April, 2017, ROSATOM held a workshop in Rio de Janeiro on Non-energy applications of nuclear technologies, social benefits and development in Latin America. The workshop was organized by Rosatom International Network, through its Regional office Rosatom America Latina.
19.04.2017, 12:03
NEC Corporation announced today that they have reached an agreement with Germany-based EnspireME, a fifty-fifty joint venture established between Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco to build a large-scale battery energy storage system in Jardelund

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