Fuel and energy: articles for 28.12.2017

28.12.2017, 19:40
The Haynesville shale's dominance as a natural gas supply source could rise in 2018 amid unobstructed pipeline access to the northeast and close proximity to the US Gulf coast, a key industrial demand region
28.12.2017, 12:17
Applications will be accepted until 28 February 2018.
28.12.2017, 11:12
Japan's trade and industry ministry (Meti) in August launched an expert committee to discuss the country's energy policy.
28.12.2017, 10:18

The oil recovery factor (ORF) at the pilot licence block reached 67 percent, of which 15 percent is attributable to the use of ASP technology. The company will producing oil under this pilot project until its completion in Q1 2018.

28.12.2017, 09:37

. The company’s investment in this project currently stands at more than RUB3 billion.

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