Fuel and energy: articles for 27.12.2019

27.12.2019, 19:48

The debt was formed in accordance with the decision of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

27.12.2019, 18:23

“One option is a ship that is now located in the Far East, but it will take some time for additional preparations,” Alexander Novak reported.

27.12.2019, 15:59

In his opinion, Washington’s gas sanctions are an outrageous example of unfair competition and politicization of the energy sector.

27.12.2019, 15:06
Ursula von der Layen emphasized that she rejects sanctions against European companies that participate in projects in accordance with legal standards
27.12.2019, 13:15
During 2020, the first stage of the project will be implemented to install systems for measuring quality indicators at the reception of oil from Russia
27.12.2019, 09:56
According to Novak, the commercial terms of the agreement are mutually beneficial

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