Fuel and energy: articles for 31.01.2020

31.01.2020, 22:05

Among other similar plans, a project for the construction of roads on the territory of Ukraine was named.

31.01.2020, 18:40

It may occur due to oversaturation in the global market and decrease in fuel demand.

31.01.2020, 17:54

According to Geza Andreas von Geyr, the pipeline should be launched no later than the first quarter of 2021.

31.01.2020, 12:45
This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of Belarus
31.01.2020, 12:32
A spokesman for the Russian president emphasized that "here we are talking about a clean economy"
31.01.2020, 11:06
Such actions of Washington are dictated by the desire to distract attention from the impeachment of the US president and the imminent failure of the "deal of the century"
31.01.2020, 07:22
The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe since January 1 has risen in price by 2% and could cost more than $ 7 billion in five years

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