Fuel and energy: articles for 06.02.2020

06.02.2020, 16:20

Belarusian leader recalled that Moscow was supposed to supply 2 million tons per month, but in January just 500 thousand was delivered.

06.02.2020, 15:23

This was announced by the Minister of State Treasury Jacek Sasin.

06.02.2020, 13:22
Among them, Rainer Seele highlights the growth of LNG supplies against the background of weak demand in China due to coronavirus
06.02.2020, 12:48
The Minister of Energy noted that we need to see how the situation with the coronavirus will develop
06.02.2020, 10:38
In particular, for American buyers, prices will decrease by $ 0.2-0.3 per barrel
06.02.2020, 09:00
It's planned that the pipeline will work before the end of 2020
06.02.2020, 07:59
These are the consequences of US sanctions against Venezuela

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