Fuel and energy: articles for 20.03.2020

20.03.2020, 21:47

It is noted that the first entities which started curtailing the budgets are based in the United States and Canada.

20.03.2020, 20:58

This was reported by Reuters agency, citing a senior official.

20.03.2020, 16:18

This was announced by Dmitry Peskov, a press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

20.03.2020, 15:56

Low cost may stand for several weeks or until the end of the year, Bloomberg’s interlocutors noted.

20.03.2020, 12:04
He is sure that other states should not interfere in partnership between the two countries.
20.03.2020, 06:57
The cost of WTI crude oil rises to $ 26.29

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