Fuel and energy: articles for 02.04.2020

02.04.2020, 20:56

The oil market is trying to get rid of extremely negative tendencies in the hope of a dialogue between the largest producers of fuel.

02.04.2020, 19:00

This was done in order to reach a fair agreement and restore balance in the oil markets.

02.04.2020, 18:26

“We can get a reduction of demand to 20 million barrels per day in the next few weeks,” Alexander Novak said.

02.04.2020, 17:17

“Both know what they have to do,” US President said.

02.04.2020, 14:36
Cost decreased to $ 10.54 per barrel
02.04.2020, 11:43
Earlier, Reuters reported that Beijing has increased the purchase of energy from Moscow and Washington
02.04.2020, 10:43
Russian oil will be supplied without a premium, the Prime Minister of the Republic said
02.04.2020, 09:40
The cost of transportation, payment of export duties and other expenses exceeded the average cost of oil

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