Fuel and energy: articles for 23.04.2020

23.04.2020, 19:59

The decline is caused by the new OPEC+ deal to reduce oil production, concluded on April 12.

23.04.2020, 18:49

It is known that US President Donald Trump is considering all options for supporting the country’s oil and gas industry.

23.04.2020, 17:39

It is reported by Bloomberg agency, citing sources familiar with the situation.

23.04.2020, 14:58
Delivering gas to the domestic Russian market has become more profitable than exporting, due to a sharp drop in prices at European hubs, experts calculated
23.04.2020, 10:43
Tesla CEO calls budget allocation for oil and gas industry “not the best spending”
23.04.2020, 10:10
The tariff will be 8.58 Belarusian rubles per tonne of net oil, excluding VAT

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