Fuel and energy: articles for 14.06.2021

Explosion at a Gas Station in Novosibirsk
14.06.2021, 16:20
In Novosibirsk, at 60 Gusinobrodskoye Highway, a gas station is on fire, fuel tanks are exploding.
Nord Stream 2
14.06.2021, 15:25

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba put forward a condition for Russia for the unhindered launch of Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2
14.06.2021, 14:05
According to the Russian expert, Ukraine should not wait for compensation after the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, neither the US nor the EU will provide them.
Nord Stream 2
14.06.2021, 11:26
Kiev is ready to negotiate on receiving compensation due to the loss of profit from gas transit after the launch of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

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