OREANDA-NEWS. Enterprises of the TATNEFT Croup of Companies produced 28,939 thousand tonnes of crude oil during the twelve months period, which was 253 thousand tonnes more, than in 2016 (100.9%). This volume included the production of PJSC TATNEFT in the amount of 28,586 thousand tonnes (100.9%), while the oil volume produced at the licensed areas outside the Republic of Tatarstan amounted to 353 thousand tonnes of crude oil (99,8%) percent.

The production volume of high-viscosity oil amounted to 1,620 thousand tonnes (+778 thousand tonnes versus 2016; 192%).

The enterprises of the TATNEFT Croup of Companies produced 2,445 thousand tonnes of crude oil in December (94 % versus December 2016), with PJSC TATNEFT accounting for 2,416 thousand tonnes (94%), while OOO “Tattneft-Samara” produced 29,357 tonnes (92.6%) at the licensed areas outside the Republic of Tatarstan.

762 new wells were built and delivered to customers during twelve months  of 2017, which was 14% more than during the same period in 2016 (667 wells in 2016), including 702  production wells drilling with 493 wells out of this number being in-fill wells, 10 exploratory wells drilling and 50 wells drilling to the bitumen.

There were 70 sidetracks and horizontal wellbores delivered during twelve months in 2017.

The plan for the delivery of production wells was fulfilled by all NGDUs: with the plan, 697 wells there were 702 wells delivered to the customers and the annual plan fulfillment accounted to 101%.

In 2017, the Company carried out drilling operations outside the Republic of Tatarstan in the Samara, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg regions and in the Republic of Kalmykia. 12 wells were drilled and commissioned, including 9 wells in the Samara Region for OOO “Tatneft-Samara”; 2 wells in the Ulyanovsk region for NGDU Yamashneft; 1 well in the Orenburg region for OOO Tatneft-Severny.

In the Republic of Kalmykia, the development of well No. 1 of the Barrier area has been completed and the well is in conservation now.

During twelve months  of 2017, the remedial well servicing crews performed remedial servicing operations in 11,200 wells at the sites of PJSC TATNEFT (1,034 in December).), while workover operations were performed in 2,687 wells (263 wells in December).

There were 63 wells repaired for OOO “Tatneft-Samara” and 7 wells for OOO “Tatneft-Severny” outside the Republic of Tatarstan.

Formation hydrocracking operations were carried out in 820 wells (60 wells in December).

Oil recovery enhancement operations were performed in 2,859 wells), including chemical methods applied in 1,307 wells (66 wells in Decemer).