OREANDA-NEWS.  Ganz EEM (Hungary), a manufacturing company of Atomenergomash which is ROSATOM’s engineering division, has entered into an official contract for the supply of container-installed small hydropower plants. The customer is International Energy Company, LTD (Georgia), developing in the direction of hydropower. 

According to the contract, the company is to procure a pilot plant (that is to be delivered in the first half of 2017) and then several more small hydropower plants with a design capacity from 0.6 MW to 2 MW. The first supply deal was concluded with the direct intermediation of Rusatom International Network that is Rosatom’s industrial unit whose mission is to support ROSATOM’s subsidiaries in product and service promotion on international markets. 

The small hydropower plant manufactured by GANZ provides a simple and cost efficient solution that maybe applied in the regions where no centralized power supply is possible because of financial or technical reasons. The plant may be operated both as an independent power source and as an alternative to inefficient and environmentally unfriendly power sources. This solution requires no dam construction and makes no damage to river and other reservoir ecology. The plant includes a turbine and auxiliary equipment set, all container-installed. Container solution makes it possible to considerably reduce the commissioning terms and construction costs. The main advantages of the small hydropower plant are the low electricity cost, short lead time, easy and fast assemblage.