OREANDA-NEWS. August 23, 2016. The open Half Marathon competitions were held in Almetyevsk with the support of TATNEFT Company for the first time in the history of the town.

Totally there were more than 700 participants from 46 Russian cities and towns representing 12 regions of the country toing the starting line. The athletes were welcomed by Vasil Shaykhraziev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rinat Shafigullin, Deputy General Director of PJSC TATNEFT, Airat Khairullin, Head of the Almetyevsk Municipality Region and Gulnara Samitova-Galkina, Olympic champion in athletics fostered by Tatarstan sports.

“TATNEFT is successful not only in developing production activities, but also implements numerous social programs, including active promotion of sports. One of the most democratic and accessible sport is running and I'm sure that all the participants of today's half marathon will get a charge of health, vitality and high spirits," said Rinat Shafigullin addressing the participants of the sports festival.

The management representatives of the Republic, TATNEFT and the Municipality Region also took part in the running together with all the participants. All in all the participants could choose one of three distances: 3.5 km, 10 km and half marathon (21.1 km). The half marathon men winner was Renat Kashapov, representative of Kazan, and Galina Ivanova from Cheboksary showed the best result among the women.