OREANDA-NEWS. Based on the results of 9 months of 2017, capital investments of the Smolensk branch of IDGC of Centre in the development of the power grid complex of the Smolensk region amounted to 540.163 million rubles. Of this amount, 221.887 million rubles were spent to improve the reliability of grids through technical re-equipment and reconstruction. 318.3 million rubles were allocated for new construction and expansion. In total, 169,321 km of overhead and cable power lines of various voltage classes and 7.864 MVA of transformer capacity were put into operation.

One third of all capital investments - 162.189 million rubles, was used to perform work on grid connection of consumers of the "privileged" group of connection up to 15 kW. This was the most significant investment project implemented in the current period, along with bringing ROWs to the regulatory state in a comprehensive way - 75.469 million rubles and installation of equipment for the automated dispatch control system for power facilities for 15 district dispatch control centres of Distribution Zones and 95 substations of Smolensky Distribution Zone - 42.515 million rubles.

Specialists of the branch also installed modern automatic switching devices, frequency load shedding, compensation of capacitive short-circuit currents at substations in the Smolensk region, reconstruction of automation and communication equipment as part of a long-term program for modernization and expansion of the system for collecting and transmitting information at feeding centres. The volume of capital investments aimed at implementing measures in this area amounted to 27.05 million rubles.