OREANDA-NEWS. At the All-Russia multimedia exhibition "Russia looking to the future", employees of IDGC of Centre present a unique "Simulator based on virtual reality models of a transformer substation", designed for training personnel in 3D visualization conditions.

The research development of IDGC of Centre is located in the Energy Hall, where the latest projects of leading Russian energy companies in the field of innovations are collected. A total of 4,000 square metres of the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" have fifteen thematic halls dedicated to the most successful developments in the field of space, energy, IT, science and education, industry, transport, medicine, ecology, urban planning, which already involve specialized ministries and departments, as well as major Russian companies.

The exhibition was the fifth in the series of exhibitions "Russia. My history". On 4 November, the opening day, it was visited by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The creators of innovative start-ups, inventors, specialists of the largest Russian companies told Vladimir Putin about their vision of Russia’s future. Until 22 November, all visitors and guests of the exposition may have a lot of interactive travels in the virtual reality format.

The virtual reality simulator of IDGC of Centre will be of interest to companies interested in providing safe and efficient training of professional skills of operating personnel when switching at 35-110 kV substations. The R&D completely simulates the size of a feeding centre and displays in detail the equipment installed in it. The visualization of the substation in three-dimensional space is carried out with the highest cinematic quality. The effect of full presence at the power facility is made both with the help of a monitor, and any virtual reality helmet compatible with a personal computer.

The technical result of the invention is to improve the quality of training of electricians by immersing in real working conditions at the power facility. It allows to step-by-step simulate dozens of regular and abnormal situations, from the preparation of the workstation to the switching at substations in emergency mode.