OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre summed up the results of work on prevention of children’s electric injuries in 2017. The energy company conducts it systematically, in active cooperation with regional and local authorities and specialized agencies.

One of the important components of preventive work are electrical safety classes for children and adolescents, which took place throughout the year in all branches of the company (working in 11 regions of the Central Federal District). In total, the energy company organized more than three thousand such classes. They were held in educational and children’s pre-school institutions, and during summer holidays - in health camps. At the same time, before the holidays, during which children often spend a lot of time without adult supervision, the preventive work in schools and kindergartens was intensified.

The power engineers told participants about the basic rules of electrical safety in the street and at home, explained the importance of warning signs to them, demonstrated the rules for providing first aid to the victim with electric shock, and acquainted them with facilities of electric grids. To fix the material, they showed the children thematic videos, distributed specially made posters, booklets, books of poems on electrical safety. In total about 90 thousand children and teenagers took part in the classes.

Special thematic classes were held for teachers. Specialists of IDGC of Centre explained to them why it is important to inform the children and their parents about the electrical safety rules, to form a culture of safe handling with electricity.

Active non-standard formats of information were also used. Along streets of Kursk in May there was a trolley bus with pictures and slogans placed on its sides, devoted to the prevention of children’s electric injuries. The organizer of the action was the Kursk branch of IDGC of Centre. And young specialists of the branch "Tverenergo" within the annual festival of volunteering "Square of Goodness" organized a large interactive site in the city garden of Tver, where electrical safety lessons were taught and themed cartoons, developed by IDGC of Centre, were broadcast. In addition, together with visiting children and their parents, they created a large application of the Distribution Zone, clearly demonstrating how the electricity goes to homes of consumers.

In May and September, the branch "Smolenskenergo" hosted a thematic competition of crossword puzzles for pupils of grades 5-10 and a video competition for children from 3 to 14 years of age reading poetry from the book "Journey to Energolandiya", published by IDGC of Centre. Their participants received memorable gifts from the power engineers. The Bryansk branch of the company organized a regional school competition to create cartoons on the topic of electrical safety.

Large-scale work was conducted during the summer holidays. So, one of the brightest projects of the branch "Yarenergo" was a series of campaigns "Territory of Security", organized jointly with the regional department of the EMERCOM and other power-wielding agencies. During the fascinating route games that took place in seven children’s health camps in the Yaroslavl region, the power engineers told the children about the rules of safe behaviour near power facilities. Similar activities were conducted in the Bryansk, Kursk, Kostroma and a number of other branches of IDGC of Centre.

And employees of "Belgorodenergo" last year presented a new book on prevention of electric injuries "ABC of Electrical Safety". It was distributed at thematic classes that took place in the summer in school and children’s health camps in the region. Please, note that the project "ABC of Electrical Safety" won the third place of the All-Russian competition "MediaTEK-2017" in the category "Safe Energy", the results of which were summed up last autumn.