OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre summed up the work performance for value-added services for 10 months in 2016. During the reporting period the volume of proceeds from the sale of value-added services amounted to 740 million rubles, which exceeded targets by 24%.

During the reporting period the company received 123,648 applications for value-added services. The most popular service in 2016, as before, was the service for installation and replacement of electricity meters.

Consumers also had increased demand for the service "Grid connection support". Following the results of 10 months 2016 revenues from this service increased by 20% to 128 million rubles.

Currently, IDGC of Centre’s branches offer consumers ten kinds of value-added services. Among them: maintenance and development of street lighting networks; operational and technological maintenance and repair of electrical networks and electrical equipment; reconstruction of power grid facilities for the benefit of customers; testing and diagnostics of equipment; installation and replacement of metering equipment; energy audits and energy services; design and construction of energy facilities, execution of work related to the customer's competence with grid connection, and others.