OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre’s management declares recognition and ensuring the priority of life and health of employees. The company systematically embodies these principles in practice, implementing a set of measures aimed at protecting labour and ensuring the operational safety of personnel. In 2018, IDGC of Centre plans to allocate 576 million rubles for this purpose.

The bulk of the funds, 443.2 million rubles, is planned to provide workers with overalls, personal protective equipment and devices that reduce risks of injury during work. To carry out in 2018 sanitary and hygienic measures for prevention of diseases in production, it is planned to allocate more than 110 million rubles, for the overall improvement of working conditions of the company’s employees - 8.3 million rubles. It should be noted that action plans to improve working conditions were developed based on the results of their special evaluation conducted earlier in all branches of the company.

IDGC of Centre conducts large-scale work to ensure the industrial safety of its employees. In order to monitor compliance with safety requirements, all the branches of the company regularly organize sudden inspections of working crews. Monthly Safety Days take place within the framework of which they check sanitary and hygienic conditions of household premises, the fire condition of buildings and structures, staffing with overalls, special footwear and personal protective equipment.

In addition, in order to minimize risks of accidents, IDGC of Centre developed and implemented a program to reduce the risks of injury. It provides for measures to ensure the safe performance of work in conditions that present an increased level of danger to personnel both in connection with the design features of the equipment and because of possible erroneous actions of workers that can lead to negative consequences. Among them, there is improvement of internal technical control systems, operational and technological management and safe performance of planned and emergency work in electrical installations; implementation of additional measures to ensure safe transport conditions; perfection of work with the personnel.

The company creates conditions for regular staff training activities on maintenance of electrical installations and repair work. For this purpose, 15 grid-wide training and learning centres and 278 training sites of Distribution Zones were created in IDGC of Centre. In addition, the company’s employees are trained in regional institutions of additional vocational education, corporate training centres and technical offices. At the same time, IDGC of Centre continues to develop its own educational infrastructure. So, for 2018, the company plans to create one more grid-wide training site.