OREANDA-NEWS. On 16 November in the service area of IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division despite the difficult weather situation power supply is in normal mode.

In case of elimination of local power outages caused by build-up of snow and ice on power lines and trees, 78 first responding and restoration crews of IDGC of Centre have been mobilized, which have 109 specialized and 6 all-terrain vehicles at their disposal. The branch has additional 8 all-terrain vehicles in the reserve.

The main forces of the power company are now concentrated in the southeast region, in districts mostly affected by the freezing rain. If necessary, additional forces and resources from other branches of IDGC of Centre may be sent to assist the Tver power engineers.

The branch of Tverenergo still has a high alert operation mode: around the clock duty of specialists has been organized, the amount of repair work has been reduced, back-up power sources are in standby and have been tested.