OREANDA-NEWS. Public Joint Stock Company "Inter RAO UES" ("Inter RAO", "Company", ticker on MOEX: IRAO), the largest diversified utilities holding in Russia, announces the agenda of the Board of Directors meeting to be held on May 15, 2017 by absentee voting.

The agenda of the Board of Directors meeting includes the following items:

1. Participation the Company in other organizations.

2. Determination of the amount and acceptance of related-party transactions.

3. Approval of transactions (several related transactions) that entail or may entail occurrence of the obligations of the Company in an amount equal to or exceeding 5 (five) percent of the book value of the company's assets according to its accounting reporting for the last reporting date.

4. Determination of Inter RAO (its representatives') standpoint on issues of the agendas of the management bodies of legal entities controlled by the Company that are significant for the Company's business

5. Determination of the size of remunerations and compensations payable to the Chairman and members of the Management Board.

Identification characteristics of shares of the Issuer in the case that the decisions of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Issuer contains questions related to the exercise of the rights on certain securities of the Issuer: uncertificated registered ordinary shares. State registration number of issue of securities and date of its state registration: 1-04-33498-E; 23.12.2014. ISIN: RU000AOJPNM1.

Inter RAO is a diversified utilities holding headquartered in Moscow and managing assets in different countries. The company produces and sells electric energy and heat, trades energy on the international market, and engineers, designs and builds generating assets. Inter RAO Group owns and operates approximately 31.3 GW of installed power generating capacity. Inter RAO corporate strategy is focused on making the company a global energy enterprise and a key player in the international energy market.