OREANDA-NEWS. September 06, 2016. The Second Appellate Court on 24.08.2016 ordered to uphold the ruling of the Arbitration Court of the Yaroslavl region to satisfy the claims of IDGC of Centre for the recovery from PJSC "TNS energo Yaroslavl" (included in the TNS energo Group of Companies) of debt for electricity transmission services, provided in June 2012 in the amount of over 130 million rubles (case # A82-10962/2012), and in February 2012 in the amount of more than 20 million rubles (case # A82-4794/2012). The decision of the arbitral tribunal in this case will not be cancelled later, because a year ago the truth of IDGC of Centre in a similar dispute with the Yaroslavl subsidiary of the TNS energo Group of Companies was already confirmed by the appeal court.

This is about the verdict of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Volga-Vyatka district from 14.08.2015, which upheld the ruling of the Second Appellate Court under case # A82-13399/2012 to satisfy the claims of IDGC of Centre to recover from OJSC "YarGC" (PJSC "TNS energo Yaroslavl" had this name until 01.07.2015) 139.8 million rubles of debt for electric energy transmission services rendered in July 2012. Thus, the court confirmed the correctness of the position of IDGC of Centre, which formed its claims, based on the maximum value of the customer contract demand for 2012, while OJSC "YarGC" counted the cost of services for various values ??of the customer contract demand specified in the annex to the contract on rendering the electric energy transmission services. This decision is of prejudicial character to follow these proceedings.

The TNS energo Group of Companies is one of the largest debtor of companies of the domestic electric grid complex. Its arrears to PJSC "Rosseti" as of 1 July amounted to 9.3 bln rubles, which is comparable with the debt of the once largest private energy sales company LLC "Energostream" (11 billion rubles). The company "Energostream" went bankrupt and left the market, its executives are being prosecuted.

The debt of the TNS energo Group of Companies to IDGC of Centre on 1 August amounted to 3,648 billion rubles, including overdue - 2,293 billion rubles. The share of PJSC "TNS energo Yaroslavl" in the total amount of debt of the parent company amounts to 2,514 billion rubles, including overdue – 2,024.5 billion rubles. The remaining amount is the debt to IDGC of Centre of another subsidiary of the holding company, PJSC "TNS energo Voronezh".

At the same time, the TNS energo Group of Companies continues to accumulate debts to IDGC of Centre. For seven months of 2016 the debt grew by 674.3 million rubles.

This situation jeopardizes the reliability of electricity supply in the regions of the service area of IDGC of Centre (11 subjects of the Central Federal District), given that the proceeds from the provision of services for electricity delivery, the company uses to primarily finance its core production activities. In this regard, IDGC of Centre intends to continue making every effort to deal with unscrupulous contractors using all relevant statutory legal and administrative arrangements for this purpose.