OREANDA-NEWS. The Swiss company Allseas, which was engaged in laying pipes for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and previously announced the suspension of work, diverted all vessels from the construction area in the Baltic Sea. This was reported on Monday by Bloomberg, citing the press service of the company.

The group of ships involved in the construction will be "disbanded", the company said. The agency notes that the representative of Allseas declined to comment on the topic of how long the implementation of the project might take.

The Senate of Congress previously approved a bill on the defense budget for fiscal year 2020, which obliges the administration to impose sanctions on the Russian gas pipelines, Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream. On December 20, it was signed by US President Donald Trump, and the document took effect. Against this background, Allseas on December 21 announced a suspension of work.

Earlier it was reported that Danish Prime Minister Lars Löcke Rasmussen stated that the country could pass a law that would ultimately allow for legal blocking or postponement of the Nord Stream 2 project.