Algeria's Reggane gas on track for 2017 start-up

OREANDA-NEWS. May 23, 2016. Production from the delayed Reganne gas project in Algeria is expected to reach 7mn m?/d next year, project partner Spain's Repsol said.

The Reganne field is expected to reach an output plateau of 2.92bn m?/yr (8mn m?/d). The project had been delayed from an original start date in 2016 until the summer 2017. Drilling started in February last year.

Algeria is investing to boost gas output in the coming years, to maximise exports — rising domestic demand and declining production have curbed exports in recent years.

The Reggane North project is operated by a consortium of state-owned Sonatrach with 40pc, Repsol with 29.25pc, Russian-owned oil and gas company Dea with 19.5pc and Italian utility Edison with 11.25pc. The group was granted permission to develop the area in 2012.