OREANDA-NEWS. Delek Group announces that attached is an Immediate Report submitted by each of Avner Oil Exploration Limited Partnership and Delek Drilling Limited Partnership ("the Partnerships") concerning the Government decision to ratify the Outline Plan for organization of the natural gas market.

Pursuant to what was stated in the Partnerships' Annual Reports to December 31, 2015 that were published on March 28, 2016 concerning the issue of stability in the Outline Plan to increase the amount of natural gas produced from the Tamar natural gas field and the rapid development of the Leviathan, Karish, Tanin and other natural gas fields ("the Gas Outline Plan") and the High Court ruling on the matter dated March 27, 2016, the Company announces as follows:

On May 22, 2016, the Government again adopted its decision of August 16, 2015 concerning the Gas Outline Plan, setting an alternative arrangement for Chapter 10 regarding a "Stable Regulatory Environment", in order to ensure a regulatory environment that will encourage investments in the natural gas exploration and production sector.

On account of this Government decision, the Partnerships will continue to operate, together with their partners in the various projects, to implement the Gas Outline Plan (as ruled), in accordance with its terms and those of the leases, and will in particular act, together with their partners in the various projects, to continue the investments and actions required for the rapid development of the Leviathan field and planning the additional extension of the production facilities of the Tamar project.