OREANDA-NEWS. Energy efficient buildings save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions. But, making buildings energy efficient requires new technologies and specialist workers trained in installing the latest concepts.

One EU project in Cyprus, called BUILD-UP Skills We Qualify, is aiming to train some 4,500 workers in the art of energy efficient building technology. Under the scheme, workers learn how to place thermal insulation, energy efficient flooring and exterior sunshades, and how to install and maintain biomass heating systems.

The training covers both new energy efficient buildings and retrofitting older buildings to improve their energy saving rates.

The project, run by the Cyprus Energy Agency, hopes that a better trained workforce will boost the construction and renovation of buildings, raising the numbers of buildings with low rates of energy consumption.

The Agency, an organisation that promotes renewable energy sources and innovative sustainable energy technologies, aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Cyprus. It also hopes to address the fact that Cyprus still has some way to go to reaching its 2020 energy efficiency targets .

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EU Sustainable Energy Week – the week for heralding innovative sustainable energy ideas like BUILD-UP SKILLS We Qualify – runs from 13-17 June 2016.