OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre confirms its status as one of the key drivers of development of regions of its service area (11 subjects of the Central Federal District). The company makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic growth by participating in the implementation of large and important projects in the field of fuel and energy, agriculture and food industry, construction, road and industrial infrastructure.

This year, the energy company provides power for a number of production sites of the agricultural industry. In particular, in the Kursk region the company will connect to power grids a greenhouse facility "Agropark", built as part of the import substitution program in Glushkovsky district. The volume of vegetable production at the new plant will be 6.6 million tons per year, the total connected capacity - 1.2 MW. With the full launch the facility will provide 180 new jobs for residents of the region. Another large agribusiness facility in this region has already been connected to the grid of the Kursk branch of IDGC of Centre - it is an elevator of LLC "Russian Barley", a large agro-industrial company, which is one of the leading producers of malting barley in the Central Black Earth. The new hi-tech facility (maximum power - 2 MW) with its capacity of 40 thousand tons can take up to 2 million tons of cereals a day.

And IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division made its contribution to the federal project of import substitution, which completed in the spring works on grid connection of the first phase of a new production facility of a "Livgidromash" plant, one of the largest in Russia pumping equipment manufacturers. The facility, which has the maximum capacity of 20 MW, will specialize in the production of pumps for oil refining and transportation of petroleum products. It is expected that soon "Livgidromash" will manufacture the first batch of new equipment.

The key factors of successful work of IDGC of Centre in the sphere of grid connection is an effective investment policy and constructive cooperation with the regional authorities. One example of such a partnership - the signed in 2015 concession agreement between IDGC of Centre and the administration of the Tambov region, providing for the establishment of power grid infrastructure to the largest in the Central Federal District new businesses in growing and processing poultry meat produced on the site of LLC "Tambov Turkey" and OJSC "Tokarevskaya Poultry Plant". In carrying out its obligations under the agreement, the power company this year commissioned the high-tech 110/10 kV substation "Factory", constructed for power supply of the Tokarevskaya Poultry Plant. With the new supply centre an incubator, a plant facility for slaughtering and processing poultry meat, a feed plant and feeding site will be connected to electric grids. The enterprise capacity with the full cycle of production will be 150 thousand tons of poultry meat a year. The poultry plant (its launch is expected by the end of 2016) will be equipped with high-tech equipment. The plant will create more than 2 thousand jobs.