OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre continues its system work to collect receivables for electricity and services in its transmission. For the company this issue is extremely relevant: at the beginning of June the size of consumer debt to it reached 24.2 billion rubles, 76% of this amount (18.3 billion rubles) - overdue debts. Meanwhile, IDGC of Centre directs consumers’ payments primarily towards financing the core production activities, which is especially important due to the reduction in recent years due to the crisis of investment sources.

Part of the receivables of IDGC of Centre accounts for 2013-2014, when the company performed in a number of regions of its operations the functions of an electricity supplier of last resort. Difficulties arose with the full scope of the work to recover the debt for electricity from the population of the Smolensk, Orel, Kursk and Tver regions, due to a large number of debtors. To increase the level of payment discipline of the population in these regions, IDGC of Centre decided to use new solutions for itself: since June 2016 it has attracted the professionally engaged in these issues "M.B.A. Finance" Ltd. to manage the problem debt of the population for electricity.

This company is part of international financial group M.B.A. EMPIRE, which is one of the market leaders in the field of consulting, CRM solutions and managing distressed retail assets in Central and Eastern Europe. In turn, "M.B.A. Finance "is represented in the top three leaders of the Russian market in terms of outstanding debt to manage. The company demonstrates consistently high performance indicators of recovery in the pre-trial stage. Performing its activities, it strictly adheres to the legislation of the Russian Federation, and is guided by international standards of conduct of business. To perform the functions to manage the problem public debt for electricity supplied to consumers of the Smolensk, Orel, Kursk and Tver regions "M.B.A. Finance" Ltd. started on the basis of a corresponding agreement with IDGC of Centre.

IDGC of Centre is going to continue to work consistently to collect receivables, using all the tools provided by the current legislation. At the same time, the company remains open to constructive dialogue with regard to developing effective mechanisms for debt repayment in view of the current macroeconomic situation, and in some cases, the real financial capacity of its counterparties.