OREANDA-NEWS. Pervomayskaya CHPP saw scheduled comprehensive exercises devoted to the training of coordination among energy workers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and executive bodies in the case of an emergency situation at power plants in conditions of low outdoor temperatures.

Training of notification and joint actions aimed at containment and rectification of emergency situation consequences allowed to perform all the necessary actions one more time. The power plant personnel showed its commitment to take remedial actions regarding the consequences of an emergency situation in a timely manner together with the fire-fighting units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

During the exercises efficiency of actions of the management and operating staff was assessed and technical capabilities of the equipment and plant's readiness to the winter season were checked.

"Exercises at Pervomayskaya CHPP showed the personnel's commitment to take remedial actions in case of an emergency situation. One more time we perfected the protocol of coordination between personnel, executive bodies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Similar exercises are being conducted at other power plants of the company. This is of utter importance due to the approaching autumn and winter period," said Vyacheslav Kurdyapin, Head of Civil Defence and Mobilisation Division of PJSC TGC-1.