OREANDA-NEWS. The JSC TANECO’s Board of Directors meeting, chaired by Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT, was held in Nizhnekamsk on September 29.

The Board of Directors considered the results of the work on ensuring industrial, environmental, fire and gas safety and environmental protection at the TANECO Complex.

The participants were briefed on the implementation of a three-stage control method of industrial safety and labor protection allowing to increase the production culture level and the TANECO’s workers safety.

The Company is fully carrying out the program of environmental security, carrying out the equipment modernization and implementing new technological solutions. In particular, recently they put into operation the flare gas utilization unit, including the installation of a complete package block of the “GARO” company. Utilization of hydrogen sulfide gas flaring allows reducing the loss of valuable hydrocarbon fractions to obtain desulfurized fuel gas used in the production process and   hydrocarbon condensate directed for processing.

The production environmental safety is ensured by strict compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements and performance of industrial environmental monitoring. There were 36,017 quantitative chemical analysis performed during 8 months of 2016 to control the eco quality of the environment. Thanks to the application of modern technologies the ongoing projects to deepen the TANECO refinery conversion do not adversely affect the environmental situation in the region.

There were also decisions taken at the meeting of the Board of Directors on a wide range of issues related to the activities of JSC TANECO.