OREANDA-NEWS. The Bundestag, by a majority vote, rejected the proposal of the political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) to support the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. The relevant documents are published on the website of the German parliament.

AfD proposed to adopt a statement on ensuring energy security through supporting Nord Stream 2. It was stated that the gas pipeline project meets the interests of Germany and other European countries. In addition, the document contained an appeal to the federal government to ensure the early completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2.

During the debate, representatives of most of the German parties expressed their solidarity with the AfD’s claims that the pipeline is useful for the country. The parliamentarians argued that Nord Stream 2 will allow diversifying gas supplies to Europe, which will ultimately lead to increased energy security.

However, the Bundestag decided that for all these conclusions and the further construction of the gas pipeline, no additional statements should be made. As a result, the initiative was rejected by 556 votes. 83 representatives of the AfD supported it; 1 parliamentarian abstained.